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Honduran Staff

Luis Enrique Reyes Ferrera
Luis Enrique Reyes Ferrera, whom we refer to as Kike, serves as an independent contractor for the GSCH. He assists with daily operations at the GSCH and oversees the farm, facilities, maintenance, and transportation.

Ana Torres
Ana Torres joined the GSCH staff in August 2012. In her role as social worker, she conducts home studies and is assisting us with bringing our files into compliance.

Avigail de Los Angeles Calona Nunez
Tía Abigail joined the GSCH staff on 6/5/2010. She serves as a house mother in casa verde and fills in as cook when necessary. Tía Abigail lives 45-minutes from the GSCH. Abigail's testimony is amazing and it is something that we must tell you in person. Her dedication became even more evident after we experienced her daily commute. She climbs up hills, steps on slippery rocks to cross creeks, crawls under fences, and walks through mud during the rainy season. Abigail never misses work; even during peak rainy season.
Abigail is a Christian lady that is working very hard and instilling great values into her children. You will absolutely adore her daughter, Maria Louisa.

Lucila Barahona Martinez
Tía Lucy has worked at the GSCH since 3/15/1998. She was the first tía hired by Greg and Eva. Tía Lucy worked as the lead cook for the Vaughn family until June of 2011. She is now serving as a cook for the guests that stay at the GSCH.
Tía Lucy is loads of fun. She loves practical jokes and is one of the best cooks in all of Honduras. If you have the pleasure of visiting and staying with us, maybe you will get to sample her famous carrot bread.

Ebelia del Carmen Castro Solorzano
Tía Carmen joined the GSCH staff on 2/17/2001. Carmen considers her work to be a ministry. She lovingly cares for all of the children just like they were her own. She stays up late helping children with their homework and teaches Sunday School class each week.
Carmen and her two children came to the GSCH without money that someone loaned them for bus fare and only the clothes on their backs. Today, Carmen's daughter, Evelyn, is attending a university in Tegucigalpa and is pursuing a degree in Psychology. Carmen's son, Josue, graduated from high school in 2011 and is currently studying at a university in Tegucigalpa. Both Evelyn and Josue are very active in church and are wonderful Christian examples to the other children of the home.

Merlin Lizet Lagos
Tía Merlin joined the GSCH staff on 7/5/2011. She serves as house mother to girls in casita #1. As a new tía, we placed her with tía Carmen, one of our most seasoned tías, to give her an excellent opportunity to develop her skills as tía.
Tía Merlin lives at the GSCH with her young son. We weren't sure how we could keep her on staff. At one point, we thought we were going to have to terminate her employment due to low finances of the home. She broke down and explained that she was the only person working and earning income in her home. God gave us a way to keep her on staff and we're grateful that this young tía is learning and growing in her faith.

Argentina Esmeralda Colindres Barrientos
Tía Argentina joined the GSCH staff on 3/29/2004. She serves as house mother to all girls in casita #3. Tía Argentina always has a smile on her face and laughs frequently. The girls that live with her say that she is very patient and loving. Tía Argentina has several children that live offsite. Her young daughter, Heyssell, lives at the GSCH and is attending the Christian Academy.

Maria Cristina Osorto
Tía Cristina came to work at the GSCH on 1/29/2001. She serves as house mother to girls in casita #3. Cristina's daughter graduated from high school in November 2012 and will be working and attending college in Tegucigalpa.

Carmen Georgina Castro
Tía Gina joined the GSCH staff on 8/7/2011. She serves as house mother to girls and boys in casita #9 alonside her mother, tía Ana. Tía Gina's daughters, Ana and Gabi attend the Good Shepherd Christian Academy. Her son, Benjamin, is too young to attend school. Her children are sweet and very well behaved.

Karla Patricia Lopez Ortiz
Karla joined the GSCH staff on 5/4/2009. She and her mother, tía Teresa, care for girls in casita #6. Karla is energetic, fun, and enjoys spending time with the girls of the home.

Luparia Gutierrez Manzanarez
Tía Lupe came to work for the GSCH on 9/21/03. She serves as a house mother for teenage girls in casita #5.

Teresa Jesus Lopez Ortiz
Tía Teresa joined the GSCH staff on 1/25/2005. She serves as house mother alongside her daughter, tía Karla, in casita #6 with all girls. Teresa makes the most amazing bread. If you ever stay at the GSCH and smell cinnamon or fresh bread baking, make your way to casita #6 for an enjoyable treat. Teresa's son, Esau, attends a local university in Tegucigalpa on the weekend and helps maintain the grounds during the week.

Tomasa de Jesus Oseguera
Tía Tomasa joined the GSCH staff on 2/16/2004. She serves as house mother in casita #5 with boys and girls. Tomasa's daughters, Yuli and Ana, recently transitioned from the home and are currently continuing their education. Tomasa's son, Miguelito, lives at the GSCH and is just beginning junior high school. Tomasa is loads of fun. The children love living with her because she is so patient and understanding.


Mario performs maintenance work.



Will has dual responsibilities at the GSCH. He drives part-time and performs maintenance work part-time.

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