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2096 - Lazaro David
Lazaro David
Lazaro David

Current Status: Young Adult from GSCH in Transition

For just $35 per month you can help us provide the food, shelter, clothing, medical, and dental care needs of this child.
For an additional $15 per month you can help us provide this child an education.
Your church also has the opportunity to help by designating portions of the mission budget, take up a special offering, or jointly sponsor a child with your Bible study group.

Biographical History:


Birthday: February 7, 1995.

I first lived at the Good Shepherd Children's Home in 2005.  After aging out of GSCH, I decided to work for a few years.  In 2015, I decide to go back to school and moved into the Boy's Transition Home in Tegucigalpa. I want to attend Univesity to become a veternarian.  My dream is to have a family and own a farm with cattle.


Lazaro graduated from high school in January with great grades. His dream is still to become a veterinarian and own his own farm. He is in the process of preparing to move to Argentina to study at a University there, but we are not sure of the time frame for this to happen.  In the meantime, he is searching for work and will continue his education by studying various vocational classes.  Once he has secured a job, he will rent his own apartment while we continue to help with his educational needs in Honduras.

Past photos:
Lazaro David Lazaro David Lazaro David Lazaro David Lazaro David Lazaro David Lazaro David

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