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  • Dany, Age 2


    "Hugs were invented to let someone know you love them without saying a word." Would you consider being Dany's sidekick and maybe one day you can come visit Dany for one of his Superhuman Hugs?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Valerie, Age 2


    Valerie is quite shy when new people are around but once you get to know her there is such emotion behind her beautiful brown eyes. Will you be her sidekick and let her know there are others fighting for her future?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Kim, Age 6


    Kim always brings a smile to the room with her Super Kindness. Kim has a long road ahead and we want to cultivate that kindness she shows so that she can change the world when she grows up. Will you help us raise Kim into a full sized Super Hero?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Juan, Age 3


    There are no boring days when you are with the Boundless Juan, age 3. He is so full of energy his little body can’t contain it all and you can’t help but get a jolt around him. Do you have what it takes to channel this wild one into a fighter for good?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Ellioth, Age 9


    Ellioth has the Unbreakable Courage of one who believes that his future is secure. Even the most courageous have times when they need to be encouraged. Will you be the one to encourage Ellioth to remain faithful to the One who gives all strength and courage?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Fernando, Age 11


    You never know when or where Fernando is going to pop up. We want Fernando fighting on our side for sure because he will never quit. Do you have what it takes to keep up with Fernando's Super Energy?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Viviana, Age 6


    A Compassionate Heart is a vulnerable one and Viviana needs a Sidekick to help protect her and guide her as she grows. Will you help us to nurture Viviana as she blossoms into a beautiful Super Hero?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Alex, Age 3


    Many visitors to the GSCH have been overcome by his Irresistible Charm as he drags them by the hand all over the property. God has huge things in store for this tiny one and he needs someone to join him for the ride. Can you resist the urge to do life with this little Super Hero?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Cinthia, Age 5


    We all know what happens when you give a kid too much candy…sugar high. Spend a little time with Cinthia and you’ll experience the same rush of energy from her Sweetness Surge but don’t get too close or you’ll want to stay by her side forever. Will you help us mold this sweet girl into a future leader?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Yostin, Age 7


    Yostin’s motor never stops running due to his Super Energy power. Whether it’s on the soccer field or playing tag, he never runs out of steam. It might be all the fuel he gets from his favorite food of rice and beans or maybe he has a nuclear reactor inside. Can you keep up?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Kellyn, Age 2


    No one has been able to resist Kellyn’s Enchanting Cuteness. People have been known to disappear for hours after becoming enchanted by her. Are you able to resist?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Mauro, Age 9


    Spiderman has nothing on this wall climber. Mauro can climb a mango tree before you can blink an eye with his superhuman Agility. Will you stand with Mauro, even if it's at the top of a Mango tree?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Astrid, Age 3


    This little one's magnetic personality burns so much energy she is sometimes found sleeping at the dinner table. Will you be her advocate and give her the resources she needs to reach her potential?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Luis, Age 8


    Teetering on the edge generally isn't the best place to spend your life but when you have Superhuman Balance you have nothing to fear. Do you have what it takes to channel Luis into a fighter for good?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Cinthia, Age 10


    "I think everyone needs to know that Jesus is good, and God is our father in heaven." So do we Cinthia, so do we. Will you step up and join forces with Cinthia?

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Yosiel, Age 2


    Yosiel spends most of his days chasing his friends around Casita 10 but occasionally you will hear his giggles turn into a Supersonic Laugh that has the power to make everyone else around him burst into laughter.

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Isis, Age 4


    Don't let this little cutie fool you, she's loaded with Super Powers. Anytime she finds herself in trouble she simply summons up an extra helping of cuteness and escapes without a scratch.

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Emilson & Norlin, Age 2


    It appears one of our boys has Duplicating Cuteness as a Super Power. We're not sure which came first, the Emilson or the Norlin but we're glad they are together at our home.

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Mariela, Age 6


    What an active and curious gril she is and this home would not be the same if she weren't getting into something. Mariela needs a sidekick with a sense of adventure.

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • William Antonio, Age 3


    William Antonio is super smart and we look forward to him using the education he gets here at the home to change the world.

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Jimena, Age 5


    If you've been to GSCH in the last couple of years you know this little Super Hero. If you haven't been here you should come see us, it's worth it to meet Jimena.

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Kevin, Age 11


    Kevin is on a course to change his family's future and he has Unstoppable Momentum. With God at his side no one can slow Kevin down but he could use some support.

    What Color is Your Mask?
  • Lypzy, Age 13


    Lypzy brightens even the darkest of nights with her Super Friendliness and beautiful smile. We are so glad she is here to give encouragement to others as we all press on to a brighter future here at GSCH.

    What Color is Your Mask?

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
- 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Every day at GSCH is pretty awesome because we get to spend it with Super Heroes. Every kid here at GSCH has a story and every story is different. Like most super heroes, the odds have been stacked against them. There are supernatural forces battling to keep them from rising up and overcoming those odds. Our kids, our Heroes, are not giving up the fight and neither are we. Will you join us?

We are asking you to put on your mask and Be a Sidekick to one of our awesome Super Heroes here at GSCH.

Will you stand beside one of our Super Heroes and fight for a brighter future?

We need to add 28 new child sponsors this month. Each day, for two weeks, we are featuring two of our Super Heroes in training to become leaders and fight to end the cycle of poverty that has brought them here. Are you ready to become a Side Kick to one of our Super Heroes? Start your sponsorship today!!

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