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Become a GSCH Ambassador!

GSCH is excited to provide a new opportunity for our friends and those passionate about supporting our home to get even more involved in the lives of our kids and our work here in Honduras. If you are passionate about transforming the daily lives and futures of our children, then becoming a GSCH Ambassador is a great way to help make even more of a difference in the lives of the kids here!

Who is a GSCH Ambassador?

A GSCH Ambassador is a current child sponsor or supporter of BMDMI who wants to help give a voice to those who might otherwise never be heard. You help spread the word about GSCH on a voluntary basis with the purpose of raising awareness about the work we are doing here at GSCH while also promoting sponsorship of the children. A GSCH Ambassador will help to begin meaningful relationships and partnerships with people in the United States in schools, businesses, small groups, and/or churches.
Responsibilities of GSCH Ambassadors?

  • Praying for the children, staff, and missionaries of GSCH.
  • Using social media to promote awareness of GSCH.
  • Promoting our Child Sponsorship Program.
  • Distributing promotional materials to interested people.
  • Helping to recruit supporters for GSCH General Fund.
  • Identifying potential corporate sponsors.
  • Identifying potential fundraising opportunities in your community.
  • Helping to promote our special projects.
  • Most importantly, providing a voice to the voiceless here at The GSCH.
How do I become a GSCH Ambassador?

While we understand this is a voluntary role, we have a duty to protect the image and reputation of GSCH. Therefore, when you are sharing about GSCH, we ask that you conduct yourself in a courteous and responsible manner that will not cause harm to the reputation of GSCH or the glory of God.

How to become a GSCH Ambassadors?
To begin the process of becoming a GSCH Ambassador you simply need to submit an application online. Once we've reviewed your application we will contact you will more information.
What you will receive as an Ambassador

As part of the ambassador program we will work alongside you to ensure you have the information and materials you need in order to share with others about the work we are doing here at GSCH. We are dedicated to making sure you never feel alone in this process. Some of the benefits of being a GSCH Ambassador include:

  • Welcome Kit with everything you need to get started as an Ambassador
  • Access to promotional materials for use in presentations about GSCH
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for Ambassadors to share information and ideas
  • Tips and Ideas on how/what to share with others
  • The knowledge that you are a part of God’s eternal plan for the kids here in Honduras

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