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The Good Shepherd Children's Home is a ministry of the Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International. Founded in 1997 by BMDMI missionaries, Greg and Eva Vaughn, the Good Shepherd Children's Home is located in Honduras about an hour from Tegucigalpa. The GSCH serves as a full-time ministry to the abused and abandoned children of Honduras. Currently, more than 100 children reside at the Children's Home where they receive the basic necessities of life - food, clothing, shelter, education, and lots of love. The GSCH is built on the firm foundation of love: Love for God and Love for Children.

The GSCH provides medical, dental, nutritional, educational, psychological and spiritual care to the children. On nearly 70 acres, the GSCH property includes ten casitas (cottages), the Good Shepherd Christian Academy, Nena's Place counseling center, the Library and Learning Center, a sewing center, swimming pool, full-service cafeteria, chapel, youth center, health and dental clinics, and a farm.

Our History

Founded in 1997 by BMDMI missionaries, Greg & Eva Vaughn, the Children's Home is a full-time ministry to the abused, abandoned, and orphaned children of Honduras. The Vaughn's suffered through 9 1/2 years of infertility treatment as they sought to become parents. They asked God to bless them with 5 children. God obviously had a bigger plan in mind. Through their trials the Vaughn's marriage grew stronger as they bonded together to weather this terrible storm. Around every corner they were reminded they were childless yet their faith in God continued to grow. They knew that God had a plan and soon realized that through their inability to have children God had created a children's ministry. The Vaughn's had become Directors of the Children's Ministry in their home Church, Westside Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

On a week long missions trip in 1995 with Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International God revealed His plan to the Vaughn's as they saw the need of the children in Honduras. As they watched children standing on street corners in tattered clothing begging for something to eat God began to unveil His purpose for them. Returning to the states they sought God and what He wanted. The Vaughn's lived a comfortable life with all they could ask for. Good paying jobs, family and friends close by and a Church full of children that loved them dearly. But God was clear in His plan and in July of 1995 the Vaughn's became missionaries with BMDMI to return to Honduras full time. Greg says "Leaving was not easy for us or our family and friends. But we knew that God had spoken and we knew that we would never be truly happy if we did not fully surrender to Him. We were told that we would not be given a salary and would be responsible for every expense of the home. I knew I could not handle something like that but God assured me that He could. That is why we are called "Faith Based Missionaries". We have Faith that God will provide what is needed. And He Does!"

At one point more than 200 children reside at the Children's Home where they receive the basic necessities of live - food, clothing, shelter, education and lots of love. We are grateful for the road they paved to make GSCH the loving home it is today.

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